Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hip Hop Connect tha dots...

My connection to hip hop is weird. I grew up in the Bronx during the birthing of this thing. I listened to dj's in the park from my terrace as they cut up Teena Marie's "Square Biz". I watched my cousin, who was signed to Sugar Hill Records, dj house parties. My cousin doesn't like talking about his forgettable record deal. I remember him letting me hear a demo with a singing/rapping style that was hot. Soon afterward, the Crash Crew came out with "On the Radio"... I think cuz got jacked... I used to hang with my fave cousins almost every weekend in the Bridge apartments. One of their best friends was a kid named Scotty Morris. They used to hang out all the time. When Scotty got older he managed a kid name Kris Parker. In junior high, I played ball with a kid named Chris Sterling at St. Matthew's. We competed on the court and for girls. Chris would always win but I was still the number 2 scorer on our 8th grade team. In 6th grade I looked up to Chris' older brother Scott. He could really play ball, had much swag (sorry) and all the girls loved him. A few years later Kris Parker and Scott Sterling would form a legendary group. The funny thing about BDP; Scott used to live in Queens. I remember going to his younger brother's birthday party out there. If I wasnt in Manhattan @ the Bridge Apartments on weekends, I was hanging with my younger cousin in Harlem. He lived in Esplanade Gardens; Harlem at its finest in the 80's. If you had a Saab, Jetta, Audi, or a jeep.... You was doing things. I remember seeing Doug E Fresh perform during Harlem week. Classic... But that wasnt the first time I met Dougie. It seemed like everyone in Harlem knew each other. Even though I was from the Bronx, hanging with my cousin game my Harlem pass. I remember getting dissed by C.L. Smooth and Tyson Beckford in front of a clothing spot. I thought that since my cousin knew them it was ok for me to say whassup...wrong... Mom got tired of NYC and we moved to VA. I had a dream of playing ball at a lil school called Norfolk State. I will never forget the first day on campus. I have never seen so many beautiful Black women in 1 place in all my life. Every year, everybody and their mom used to go to Virginia Beach during Labor Day. Since the campus was only 15 minutes from the beach, we had to go. Hip Hop was still young; growing by the second and super exhilarating! I'm on the strip surrounded by beautiful girls and I'm chilling with NBA's rookie of the year; Mark Jackson and UNC's Kenny Smith. The girls were sweating Kenny hard and one of them asks Mark Jackson, "Are you in the pro's?" Mark says; with a straight face, "I work on Wall Street" and walks away. True story.. Ask them... Later on in the afternoon my cuz and I are walking on the strip looking for more honeys and we run into Doug E FResh and his boy. My cuz introduces me and I dap up him and his boy. My cuz tells them we are going to a party and Doug and his friend said they were going to a different party. His friend gave me his business card without asking and they said peace and walked away. The card said, Uptown Records; Sean "Puff" Combs. While at Norfolk State I did a few house parties and hung with the NY and DC crowd since I had relocated to Northern Va. I met this dude who dj'd too who worked in the library. We struck a conversation because I used to always get Billboard magazines. He later put a good word in for me and I got a job in the library too. This dude named Damon loved music just like me. He introduced to me his boy Rob from Brooklyn and we all talked about our love for hip hop. Damon got a job at a local station and let me come up and watch him dj. One weekend, Rob Base was doing a show at a skating rink and Damon let me ride up with him in the radio van. Rob wouldn't perform at first because the promoter tried to jerk him for $600. He later came out and put on a good show. Year's later, Damon Williams told me he was gonna take a job with some small, unknown company. He said they play music on cable. I said how the hell does that work?? He said trust me its gonna be big. He was right; ask Damon Williams; Vice President of Programming and content development for a lil company called Music Choice. My boy Rob; aka Rob Love became the Senior Director of Rap promotions and one of the best marketing genius' in music... Ask Def Jam. I moved to Atlanta in 98. Since then, I have watched the South take over the music industry. I have met a lot of people and have more stories to tell... To be continued...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Albums that should never leave my iphone

I have 3 ipods, and ipad, a macbook, and an imac. I fux wit Apple. I'm constantly changing my song rotation on my iphone because its only 8gb. Its a 3gs. At&T is making me wait till November for an upgrade; that's another story. However, despite having over 2 TB's worth of music on external hard drives, certain albums should never leave my phone.  I used to carry my 160gb ipod with me & my iphone when I travel. However, after running my mouth at the local gym and not paying attention to my locker; the custodian lady stole my ipod. I cant prove it but she did it. So I stopped carrying my ipod with me everywhere.  Here are the albums that should never leave; I can't have more than one artist's albums on here. I want the playlist to be enjoyable and highly eclectic. Enjoy. Discuss. Compare. 1. Watch the throne-Jay z, kanye west 2. Nostalgia, ultra-frank ocean 3. Living color-Vivid 4. Hall & Oates greatest hits 5. License to Ill-Beastie Boys 6. Amerikkka's most wanted-Ice cube 7. Sade's greatest hits 8. Black summers night-Maxwell 9. Diary of a Mad Band-Jodeci 10. The adventures of slick rick-slick rick 11.Dru Hill- Dru Hill 12. Culture Club Greatest hits 13. Critical Beatdown-Ultramagnetic MCs 14. Bizarre ride 2-Pharcyde 15. Slum Village- Fantastic Voyage 2 16. Michael Jackson-Greatest Hits 17. Beggin after dark-H-town 18. CeCe/BeBE winans-Heaven 19. Kem- Kemistry 20. Home Grown: the beginners guide to understanding the Roots- Vol. 1&2-The Roots 21. Reasonable Doubt-Jay z 22. Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star-Mos def/Talib Kweli

Monday, February 20, 2012

House Party

Got a call at the last sec to do a private party last Sat. Normally, I don't like last minute gigs but I decided to do it. I love the house parties for the relaxed atmosphere but they take a lil more work. I played EVERYTHING from booty shake to Phil Collins to Waka to Whitney... I'm really starting to love my Numark NDX 800's for their versality. I haven't spun with the 12's in a minute. However, my boy DJ Maestro in Philly is giving a pair of barely used Technic 1200's; all i gotta do is pick them up. Next private gig is April. Stay tuned