Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hip Hop History- Volume 79

Hip Hop History- Volume 79

AM Barbershop Mix

Barbershop Coolout Mix


Did a dope party last night. The client told me his crowd was very diverse...i.e. White and I need to bring a mixture of stuff. No prob. Young White, hip crowd... I got u... Thats what I told him. Party went smooth even though I literally started playing 2 minutes before my start time. For some reason, one of my decks was flatlining in Serato. I had to troubleshoot everything but it was a simple fix. Unplugged everything and rebooted Macbook. What I liked about this crowd was they was feeling everything from Pitbull to Future to Kelly Clarkson to Lil Wayne to Mackelmore... What I did learn was that I need to get my Pop/Dance crates fuller. David Guetta and Avicil got some time along with my ATL street mix. I even snuck some LMFA "Shots" in there. I also played a few cuts off my Iphone that I didn't have time to put on my laptop. The sound was a little lower than my decks but the quality was really good. Of course I put the phone on airplane mode. Didn't need a phone call in the middle of set literally disrupting the music.  Really liked this crowd. Time to diversify.